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Advance Progress 3



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Advance Progress 3 Reversible Paragliding Harness

The PROGRESS 3 is a fully-functioning paraglider harness and rucksack. Its low weight (from 3.3 kg) and compact rucksack design make it ideal for everyone who prefers their paragliding equipment to pack up small, without compromising their comfort or protection.

Full Protection

The PROGRESS 3 has an Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector. Its foam-ribbed inner structure takes up its shape and fills with air within 60 seconds of the rucksack turning into a harness. This is how PROGRESS 3 provides full protection before takeoff.

PROGRESS 3 – Unique Versatility

The PROGRESS 3 offers great versatility in a compact shape. Whether for travel, thermal flying, short Hike and Flys, Freestyle maneuvers, or for training, PROGRESS 3 pilots are best equipped for all their exploits. The practical reversible harness has an Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector which provides comprehensive protection at all times. 3D development technology guarantees the highest level of flying and carrying comfort and is also responsible for the clean outlines.

Comfortable – both flying and carrying

The ergonomically-shaped PROGRESS 3 seat surface automatically takes up the pilot’s body shape in flight, substantial Legpads and ingenious lower back support also contribute to a very comfortable hold. As a rucksack, well-fitting shoulder straps and a breathable mesh back section also provide maximal carrying comfort.

Enhanced and lengthened Legpads

Thanks to modern 3D methods of harness development the no-seatboard PROGRESS 3 fits the pilot’s body perfectly in flight. Enhanced and lengthened Legpads and individually adjustable lower back support guarantee maximum flying comfort. Leg pad effectiveness and sophisticated harness geometry also give the reversible harness a precise weight-shift response. PROGRESS 3 comfort begins on the ground: the Legpads allow maximum freedom of movement for takeoff and landing.

Modern Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector

The Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector automatically fills with air when the rucksack is reversed into a harness, and under normal circumstances is ready to function after about 60 seconds. For maintenance, it can be taken out of its own compartment under the seat shell. For maximum lifespan, the protector should not be left compressed for extended periods and never stored when wet.

Edelrid FORAS carabiner

For the first time for a PROGRESS, the ­PROGRESS 3 has Edelrid FORAS carabiners and anti-twist carabiner securing. The 51-gram light paraglider carabiners have a breaking strain of 23 kN and were developed at the initiative and in coordination with ADVANCE, especially for narrow webbing up to 25 mm wide. What’s special? The FORAS opens to the side! This gives the Twistlock alu carabiner a wide opening space which makes it much easier to clip to paraglider risers.


The EASY CONNECT SYSTEM makes clipping an ADVANCE paraglider to the harness quite straightforward. Make sure that the red and blue lines on the PROGRESS 3 support loops agree with the red and blue lines on the paraglider risers. Carabiner locators make sure that the FORAS carabiners remain in place in the harness support loops.


Reserve in the protector

For PROGRESS 3 the reserve compartment is integral with the Protector. The reserve is now stowed under the pilot’s seat, no longer behind the small of the back as for the PROGRESS 2.

Included Carbon Speedbar

The PROGRESS 3 will be delivered with a carbon speedbar. The harness speed system has easy-running Ronstan ball-bearing pulleys and comes ready-mounted. The PROGRESS 3 has a footrest as an option. It is a part of the harness certification and will be delivered with its matching speed bar in the “Soft” version.

Harness Features

Rucksack Features:


Pilot height cm 155 – 172 165 – 183 178 – 202
Seatboard depth cm 35 38 40
Carabiner height cm ~ 44 ~ 46 ~ 48
Chest strap width cm ~ 47 ~ 48 ~ 50
Harness weight kg 3.3 3.6 3.9
Rucksack volume l 75 80 90
Certification EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg


Main straps Polyester, 25mm, 20kN
Leg straps Polyester, 25mm, 20kN
Shoulder straps Polyester, 15mm, 13.2kN
Seat area Nylon Oxford 210D PU3
Outer covering Nylon 240T – Dia Ripstop
Chest strap AustriAlpin Cobra
Carabiner Foras, Twist Lock, 23kN, 51gr.


  • Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector
  • Speedsystem
  • 2 Edelrid FORAS Carabiners
Speedsystem2 Edelrid FORAS CarabinersCOMPRESSBAGAir-Foam Hybrid-Protector


Delivery Packages

  • Removable EN/LTF-certified Air-Foam Hybrid Protector (91/09)
  • Speed system with Carbon speedbar
  • 2 Edelrid FORAS Twistlock alu carabiners including anti-twist carabiner
  • clip
  • Ronstan ball-bearing speed pulleys
  • Reserve connection
  • Reserve handle with attached four flap inner container
  • Getting Started Booklet


  • Footrest incl.
  • corresponding
  • speed bar



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

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