SWING paraglider backpack Sherpa2

SWING paraglider bag – Paragliding backpack – powered paragliding/ppg

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SWING paraglider backpack – paraglider bag – Paragliding – powered paragliding/ppg

This SWING paraglider backpack Sherpa is an L but is also available in two sizes (L and XL) and is included in the delivery of most SWING paragliders.

Furthermore the SWING paraglider backpack Sherpa is not only standard. In fact, it sets standards regarding carrying comfort, functionality, and quality.

Similarly, the main attention has been turned to the volume and the carrying comfort.

The SWING paraglider backpack Sherpa L is sufficient for most normal paraglider equipment with 130l the volume.

Finally bigger equipment and voluminous competition harnesses can easily fit into the 200l Sherpa XL.

As a result special Features of the SWING paraglider backpack Sherpa

  • Handles for comfortable lifting
  • Optimized barycenter for perfect carrying comfort
  • Padded shoulder straps and backrest
  • Hip belt for the relief of the shoulders (removable)
  • Fixation strap inside the backpack
  • Load area for small parts easily accessible in the upper part of the backpack
  • Compression straps for optimized adjustment of the volume
  • Further side and top pockets
  • Reflective stripes for better visibility in darkness
  • Integrated compression possibility for small storage in the harness


The success of the SWING RAST system.

Full Swing paraglider RAST system PDF article


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