Peter Lynn Reactor-II 2.2




The user friendly powerhouse
Make no mistake about the Reactor II, this is a serious powerhouse designed for the discerning pilot wanting the challenge and performance of a competition kite while retaining many user friendly characteristics usually associated with a more docile kite. The Reactor II is a true all-round high end performer, not only suitable for speed freaks and racers but just as happy to power you on some cruising sessions at your local spot.  The Reactor II shares all the benefits and attention to detail like other high end products within the Peter Lynn line-up. The highest quality materials matched with state of the art production techniques and stringent quality control, place this kite in a league of its own!


High flying speed
Quick and easy steering
Solid but predictable power
Low lift

Medium-high Variable Aspect ratio
Precision designed and laser cut panels
Double cross-vented profiles
Diagonal ribs with special designed bridle pattern
Porcher reinforcements inside the kite
Double needle stitched seams
Mirai fabric for top and bottom skin
Profiles made from 70D fabric
Spliced then stitched Dyneema® bridles
Dual Velcro bridle loops

Medium-high Variable Aspect ratio
For the Reactor II the designers have chosen a medium-high aspect ratio for a high performance with easy handling. The Aspect Ratio varies per kite size which results in a similar feel of each size Reactor II.

Precision designed and laser cut panels
The panels and profiles of the Reactor II have been designed with great care and are all laser cut to ensure maximum precision.

Double cross-vented profiles
To ensure quick and efficient inflation all profiles have double cross vents, this ensures a quick (re)launch.

Diagonal ribs with special designed bridle pattern
Carefully placed D-ribs make it possible to reduce the bridling even further without distorting the shape of the wing in flight. The combination of the correct bridling with the D-ribs ensures a perfect support of the wing shape with minimum drag.

Porcher reinforcements inside the kite
The Reactor II features Porcher reinforcements inside the kite, ensuring maximum durability exactly where it is needed, with minimum addition to weight.

Double needle stitched seams
High precision double needle sewing machines are used to sew the complete kite making the seams stronger.

Mirai fabric for top and bottom skin
The top and bottom skin are made from Mirai fabric, a coated high-tenacity rip-stop nylon fabric which is light, resistant to wear and tear and water-repellent.

Profiles made from 70D fabric
The profiles are made from specially developed 70D material. This material is strong, stiff and tear resistant, ensuring the profile to stay in shape. It also reduces the chance of the profiles tearing when the kite crashes leading edge down.

Spliced then stitched Dyneema® bridles
The greatest care has gone in designing a bridle that not only delivers the least bridle drag but also the least chance of bridles hooking behind each other. Dyneema® is extremely strong for its diameter reducing drag. Splicing then stitching the bridle is one of the smoothest finishes possible.

Dual Velcro bridle loops
Each side of the kite features a Velcro bridle loop. The line attachment loops on the end of the bridle can be stored in the Velcro loops when packing up, to prevent the bridles from getting tangled.

Velcro dirt-outs
The Reactor II features a Velcro outlet in each tip, making it easy to remove sand, water or other dirt from your kite.



The Reactor II is delivered kite only or complete. The Package contains:

Reactor II kite
Reactor II backpack
4-line bridled foil kite full-colour instruction manual
Peter Lynn sticker & key ring
Peter Lynn 4-line handles (complete version only)
Peter Lynn High quality Dyneema® Kite lines (complete version only)
Peter Lynn groundstake (complete version only)



Each size Reactor II is available in the following color combinations:
Wine red – White – Dark grey
Royal blue – Grey – Sea blue
Dark grey – Lime – Grey




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reactor II Colours:


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