Peter Lynn Bigfoot+ buggy


The impressive Bigfoot+ can handle any kind of terrain! Its big wheels allow you to ride on both hard and soft sand, riding through the dunes is great fun for this machine. Even aquaplaning on this buggy can be done, it doesn’t stop for anything. The kinked down tube helps to keep the center of gravity low to the ground to prevent the buggy from flipping over during power slides at high speeds.

The Bigfoot’s extra large forward wheel base ensures maximum stability while riding at high speeds while the extra wide 120cm back axle minimizes the chance of the buggy flipping over sideways .The Bigfoot+ is designed for pure fun on all types of terrain and will take you all the way!

Characteristics and Features

Extra large forward wheel base to ensure maximum stability while riding at high speeds.
Extra wide 120cm backaxle to minimize the chance of the buggy flipping over sideways.
Extra reinforced stainless steel frame by increased wall thickness and reinforced connections.
Stainless steel bolts.
Bigfoot front fork ready to fit Bigfoot wheel.
Double crown front fork for added durability and strength.
Kinked downtube to ensure easy downtube adjustment with reduced variation in seat height off the ground.
2-Bolt adjustable Downtube connection.
Specially curved sideframes to ensure good side body grip.
Luxury padded seat ensuring a correct body position for endless hours of riding.
40mm Diameter back axle with 20mm wheel bolts ensure maximum strength.
20mm Rear sealed cartridge style bearings, for an extra smooth ride & durability.
XR compatibility to easily upgrade your buggy to make it fit your style of riding.
Delivered complete with tools for easy assembly


Quick Overview

Frame Material Stainless Steel
Seat type Luxury padded reinforced seat
Sideframe padding padding with Nylon covers
Standard wheel 21/12-8
No of frame parts 7
Tools supplied 2 adjustable wrenches
Approx. assembly time 10 mins.

Buggu Dimensions

Wheel base 136-144 cm
Track 128 cm
Front fork width 31.5 cm
Front fork tube diameter 25.4 mm
Footpeg diameter 22.1 mm
Footpeg Length 19 cm
Footpeg ground clearance 40.5 cm
Downtube Length 56 cm
Downtube thickness 38.2 cm
Sideframe length 90 cm
Sideframe diameter 31.8 mm
Distance between sideframes 50 cm
Seat length 60 cm
Seat height 22 cm
Seat ground clearance Variable
Back Axle width 120 cm
Back axle diameter 38.1 mm

Bolts, nuts, spacers & bearings used

Front axle bolt M12 X 280
Front axle nut M12
Front axle spacers 12 X 85
Front wheel bearings 12 X 32
Front wheel spacer 12 X 55
Headset bolt M10 X 110
Headset nut M10
Headset spacer Mushroom
Headset bearings 16 X 38
Downtube bolt M10 X 60
Downtube nut M10
Rear wheel bolt M20 X 100
Rear wheel nut M10
Rear wheel bearings 20 X 48
Real wheel spacer 20 X 47
Back Axle width 120 cm
Back axle diameter 38.1 mm


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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