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The MESCAL4 is equipped with extremely flexible rigid foil in the leading edge. One of the results is an easy and clean start performance. The 3-line technology reduces drag – improving wing performance, thus providing pilots with the safety needed to take off from the training hill. The JET FLAP technology is very forgiving, especially during approach to landing.
The implementation of robust materials make the MESCAL4 an ideal instruction glider. The 5-point check rounds off its use as an instruction glider and makes it 100% beginner-friendly through the simplified launch preparation.


Traditionally, a MESCAL guarantees the highest possible safety standards in the paragliding sector. True to its bloodlines, the new MESCAL4 conforms to these same standards.Pilots can continue to depend on the same appealing handling. This EN A-level wing turns dynamically and offers a lot of fun even for experienced pilots.

The MESCAL4 climbs well in the thermals thanks to JET FLAP technology. It shows absolutely no negative tendencies, allowing the wing to core easily also in stronger thermals.

The speed system is comparatively smooth and even at maximum speed the MESCAL4 still has reassuring safety reserves. Brake pressure rises dramatically before the stall point is reached. Big ears are especially easy with the specially marked risers.

Ideally, the MESCAL4 should be flown in the middle of the designated weight range.


With the implemented design features, the performance comes almost by itself, even if this is not the first priority in this wing category.

The M4 climbs beautifully in weak thermals as well. The glide ratio is at a new level which just a few short years ago belonged solely to the domain of high performance wings.

The trim speed is more than sufficient and with the speed system an additional 10km/h can easily be achieved.

All in all a perfect package for the training hill, long thermal flights as well as the first xc flight experiences.


The MESCAL 4 sets benchmarks in safety.

Reaction to disturbances, should they occur despite the high stability, are very moderate. Pitch and pendulum activity after a collapse are very subdued, the wing opens quickly and dependably.

Thanks to integrated Jet Flap Technology, travel to stall is very long and an early, massive increase in brake pressure. It is not so easy to destabilise the MESCAL4, making it an ideal relaxed companion for all conditions.

Of course the MESCAL4 was also certified without the use of folding lines!

Suitable for beginners on the training hill, the MESCAL4 also offers lasting satisfaction for ambitious hobby pilots for their first XC flying experiences.

MESCAL4 showing (VIDEO)

MESCAL4 XC 116 km FAI-triangle flight from Armin Harich


2 PLUS 2

For all gliders purchased after July 1, 2007, Skywalk offers its customers the skywalk 2 + 2 Guarantee – an additional warranty that goes beyond the minimum required by law.  More information

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For an EN-A wing, the MESCAL4 has many noteworthy construction details, normally only featured in higher classified wings.


The leading edge is reinforced by flexible nylon elements, the same elements in the sail serve to prevent deformations in the canopy.


This makes the MESCAL4 an excellent starter for all conditions.


Just like its big brothers the CAYENNE4 and CHILI3, the MESCAL4 is equipped with only 3 line levels. This simplifies ground handling and decreases drag considerably.


Cleanly arranged risers with 5-point-check instructions as well as new, variable and ergonomically economical brake handles round off the MESCAL4.


Technical DATA

size XS S M L
cell number 34 34 34 34
area flat in m² 22,73 26,18 28,70 31,94
wingspan flat in m 10,45 11,21 11,74 12,38
aspect ratio flat 4,80 4,80 4,80 4,80
area projected in m 19,21 22,12 24,26 27,00
wingspan projected in m 8,13 8,72 9,14 9,64
aspect ratio projected 3,44 3,44 3,44 3,44
max. profile length in cm 271 291 304 321
min. profile length in cm 62 66 70 73
middle linelength in cm (w/o riser) 621 666 697 736
maximum line length in m 274 295 308 325
weight in kg 4,9 5,4 5,8 6,1
weight range in kg from – to 55-85 70-95 85-110 100-130
winchtowing yes yes yes yes
jet flap technology yes yes yes yes
paramotor homologation no yes yes yes
weight range incl. motor in kg from – to 100-125 105-130 120-150

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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