IOTA – Easy Performance
ADVANCE launches the new IOTA Series, a High-Level EN B glider for ambitious cross-country pilots. Featuring an optimized, low-weight design, the XC-Intermediate IOTA represents the most accommodating balance between performance and piloting ease within the entire ADVANCE product range. The high performance capabilities of the IOTA open the door to the world of long cross-country flights.

Quality Lightweight Technology
There is now a new light category. Thanks to computationally modelled lightweight-structure design techniques, the IOTA weighs only 4.45kg ( 23m2 size). And yet the IOTA is a robust and durable product thanks to the material choice of Skytex 32 and 38 from Porcher Sport. The low weight of the canopy improves takeoff behaviour, considerably increases passive safety, and contributes to direct handling.

Structural Weight Optimization

A computational analysis of the interior of the glider resulted in a massive reduction of the overall weight. The topology of the lightening holes of the profiles and diagonal ribs was optimized with respect to the operational stresses and forces. The complex structure is initially reminiscient of a block of Swiss cheese. The outcome of this intensive development process is a product which is noticeably lighter and yet still durable, with an unvarying flight behaviour over time.

Advanced Air Inlet Design

The unique combination of the ADVANCE semi-circular inlets and Air Scoop Technology enables a significantly lower brake position at stall and considerably larger progressivity in brake pressure, yielding a lower spin tendency when turning. The inner pressure remains high even at high angles of attack thanks to the careful design of the air inlets. The overall goal of this optimization of the inner pressure is the improvement of passive safety.

100% Aramid Lines: Special Coating and Workmanship

The IOTA comes 100% equipped with low stretch, unsheathed Aramid lines manufactured by Edelrid.  There are no Dyneema lines used at all.  Durability and robustness have been maximized thanks to the careful assembly of inner and outer loop reinforcements as well as an elaborate yarn coating.  Many years of experience using this top-quality product are evidence that the advantages of using unsheathed Edelrid lines dominate over all alternatives.

Real Tension Control

Keeping a close eye on the forces and strains in the canopy is crucial for having the least amount of wrinkles and the best performance.  Our design tools and methods are capable of computing the distribution of forces and strains in the entire canopy.  The optimal aeroelastic design, from 3D panel shaping through to ballooning, is achieved in an iterative, computational process.  This enables the maximum conversion of theoretical performance into real performance.


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Where does the name IOTA come from?
Following the 25 year ADVANCE tradition of naming paragliders, our new High-Level EN B also gets its name from the Greek alphabet. The ι is alphabetically located between ε (Epsilon) and Σ (Sigma). This is also the logical placement of the IOTA within the ADVANCE product range as a High-Level B glider.

How is the IOTA positioned between the EPSILON and the SIGMA?
In terms of demands on the pilot, the IOTA is exactly between the EPSILON and the SIGMA. In terms of performance, the IOTA is actually quite close to the SIGMA 9. Within the ADVANCE product range the IOTA possesses the most well-balanced mix of performance and easy piloting. The sportier SIGMA is more dynamic and has a higher top speed. The entry-level to intermediate EPSILON 7 is more compact and easier to pilot.

Why are all of the lines on the IOTA unsheathed?
The unsheathed Aramid lines manufactured by Edelrid which we use on the IOTA have the same strength as sheathed Dyneema lines of the same diameter. Due to its large amount of stretchabilty, Dyneema has been excluded for quality reasons from use as main lines on all ADVANCE gliders. We have had a very good experience in recent years with Edelrid Aramid lines. Countless strength measurements performed during standard paraglider checks show that Aramid retains its strength even after very intensive usage. Aramid is a very robust material with a high UV resistance and high abrasion resistance. For instance, Aramid yarn gets coated with a “Double Nanocoating” before being braided. In addition, the braiding is very compact and smooth, which has positive consequences on its aerodynamic drag. The loops in the line forks have internal reinforcements which increase the contact area, thus reducing contact pressure and wear. Line loops which attach directly to riser quicklinks are fitted with an additional outer protective cover.

Which harness is best for flying the IOTA?
The best harness for flying the IOTA is the new ADVANCE LIGHTNESS 2. Weighing in at 2.8kg, the LIGHTNESS is also an optimized low-weight product, and with its certified protector and integrated rescue, it fully fulfills its function as a harness. The mid-sized cross-country equipment, including glider and harness, weighs less than 10 kg total with this package. Being a pod harness, the LIGHTNESS 2 is not only very comfortable for long flights, but it is also very sleak and aerodynamic.

Why does the IOTA have no miniribs?
Several flight test comparisons demonstrated to us that miniribs on the IOTA presented no aerodynamic advantage over an equivalent construction without miniribs. Therefore we decided against including them in order to keep the canopy as light as possible.

Technical Data

IOTA 23 26 28 30
Flat surface m2 23 26 28 30
Projected surface m2 19.2 21.6 23.3 24.9
Recommended takeoff weight kg 60-85 75-100 90-115 105-130
Glider weight kg 4.45 4.85 5.15 5.45
Aspect ratio 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Projected aspect ratio 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9
Span m 11.35 11.95 12.45 12.85
Projected span m 8.65 9.15 9.45 9.75
Trim speed kmh 38.5 (+/-1) 38.5 (+/-1) 38.5 (+/-1) 38.5 (+/-1)
Max. speeds km/h 53 (+/-2) 53 (+/-2) 53 (+/-2) 53 (+/-2)
Number of cells 59 59 59 59
Number of risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1


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