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Genie 4 Harness




Genie 4 Harness

Designed for XC pilots…

Since 1998 the Genie 4 harness concept is simple: designed by pilots for pilots who want to fly Cross Country with a precise, technical and very comfortable piloting tool.
The version 4 is an exact match with these features yet is more compact and adopts the feel of the Genie Race, our competition model.

Precise and technical…

Compare to version 3, the internal shape has been redesigned to improve comfort, especially from piloting perspective. It is crucial to feeling comfortable when flying in different conditions and when you want to perform in all types of thermals – precision piloting gives you the difference.
The Genie 4 geometric and internal shape has been inspired by the Genie Race to improve the in-flight position and the overall performance of your glider.
Just like the top models in the GIN range, it retains the T-bar system with 2 automatic buckles.
The rescue container has been completely redesigned to facilitate a faster and easier opening of the reserve chute.

More compact…

The Genie 4 is more compact.
The volume of the harness has been reduced (bottom and back side) to make it easier to pack, more comfortable to wear during take-off and more streamlined in-flight. This “sleek & sexy” look is also enhanced by the new design which can be found on all models in the GIN harness range.

Who for?

The Genie 4 harness is suited for XC pilots looking for the perfect efficient thermally tool.
The Genie 4 improves piloting, so it is also ideal for competition pilots who prefer to fly without a pod.
Genie 4 harness is for pilots who are simply looking for the utmost

• 2 strap automatic buckles: Safety T-bar system
• Under-seat rescue container
• New back protection GinSoft 14 – optional extra OR Back protection GinSoft III (17cm) – optional extra
• New side protection – optional extra
• Delivered with GIN automatic carabiners
• Certified EN and LTF


< 175cm 170-185cm > 180cm

5.2kg (with wooden plate, without back protection)

Included with your harness

GIN 40mm carabinersUSB ManualRescue bridle StickersFoot strirrup

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs


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