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BIBETA 5 – Share your passion
You want to take off effortlessly with your passenger for a stress-free flying experience? The BIBETA 5 can fully satisfy this requirement. Its excellent takeoff behaviour as well as efficient turning flight and landing identify the BIBETA 5 as an absolutely reliable partner.

Just a brief impulse and already the canopy is climbing evenly above you and your guest – the BIBETA 5’s easy inflating and rising mean that you and your passenger leave the ground in a relaxed frame of mind, ready to enjoy the flight. Even in difficult takeoff conditions the BIBETA 5 is a partner which you can fully rely on.


What makes the BIBETA 5 so easy to take off?
Reduced canopy weight and leading edge Nylon wires are mainly responsible for the BIBETA 5’s easy takeoff. These plastic rods keep their shape very well, so making sure that the important airflow around the wing leading edge always stays good. This is one quality responsible for the easy takeoff behaviour, along with the profile choice and the semi-circular intakes.

Which tandem spreaders are available?
The BIBETA 5 is delivered with hard, soft or soft adjustable supports. The soft adjustable spreaders can be continuously adjusted to suit passenger height. This ingenious system means that adjustment can be made during flight.

The BIBETA 5 is one size only – why is this?
The BIBETA 5 works very well at very different weights. The easy takeoff qualities mean that light weight takeoffs are not a problem. The BIBETA 5 is not weight-sensitive – the choice of glider size does not arise. The BIBETA 5 has very easy-going, direct and precise handling – in particular at lower wing loadings. Less canopy inertia is the reason for this.

How can the BIBETA 5 be just as strong despite the reduced weight?
New technology makes it possible to simulate the forces inside the wing structure and so make a more selective choice of materials. Stiff Nylon wires to shape the leading edge replace heavy Mylar. Even with weight reduction the BIBETA 5 is a very robust glider. Continuous diagonal ribs and the Smart Sail System at the leading edge also contribute to a hard-wearing wing.

Can the BIBETA 5 be flown solo?
The BIBETA 5 is certified from a minimum takeoff weight of 120 kg. It flies best within its optimum weight range (150kg – 190kg). So it is possible to fly the BIBETA 5 solo if you can make the certified takeoff weight (120kg). For more information it would be best to contact your ADVANCE dealer.

What are the advantages of the Vary-Grip-System for big ears?
The BIBETA 5 has split A-risers for easy big ears. A jam cleat (Vary-Grip-System) each side can hold the outer A-lines in big ears for as long as you like. The big ear position is adjustable. With big ears set by this method you can steer normally with the brakes.

How does the BIBETA 5 stand up to heavy use?
The stress calculations and analysis made by the ADVANCE software meant that the internal structure and profile could be improved. This work and the resulting targeted choice of materials gives the BIBETA 5 hard-wearing and durable qualities, even though much weight could be saved: the glider keeps its long life, takeoff character and canopy stability – even with intensive use.

What are the advantages of plastic rods in the leading edge?
The Nylon wires built into the front of the leading edge only go as far round as the previous Mylar reinforcements. These plastic rods are not particularly radical, but they make sure that the important airflow at the leading edge of the wing stays good all the time. They are one feature, after the choice of profile, that is responsible for the wing’s easy takeoff behaviour. One further advantage is weight reduction and therefore reduced canopy inertia: this means that reactions to extreme flight situations turn out to be less dynamic. ADVANCE has not in any way been able to establish that the BIBETA 5’s plastic rods lead to a higher risk of cravats.


Flt surface m2 40.81
Projected surface m2 34.47
Take off weight ** kg 120 – 225
Optimal weight range ** kg 150 – 190
Glider weight kg 8.15
Aspect ratio 5.2
Trim speed * km/h 41 +/-3
Max. speed * km/h 47 +/- 3
Min. sink rate * m/s 1.2
Best glide * 8.5 +/- 0.2

*    Values depend on wing loading (pilot/passenger/harnesses and glider)
**  Pilot, passanger, wing, equipment


The BIBETA 5 has split A-risers, which make the application of big ears easy. A cleat (Vary-Grip-System) makes it possible to fix the outer A-lines so that they can be held in for an extended period. (see point XY Riser Illustration). The lines can be pulled down and reset in the clamps. With big ears applied the glider can be steered normally using the brakes.


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