Progression wings (3)

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  • GIN Camino

    The GIN Camino – ready for adventure both on the trail and in the sky. A blend of smooth, agile handling, and electrifying real-world performance.
  • Leaf 2

    The LEF 2 is fairly easy to handle, from the slight pitch when entering a thermal to the optimal roll angle when turning, you will master your leaf 2 in no less than a day!
    • On-site, thermal, mountain/seaside flying.
    • Enhanced durability
    • Greater precision than the LEAF,
    • flying The LEAF 2 glider will quickly become second nature.
  • NOVA ION 6

    The fundamentally redesigned NOVA ION 6 (EN/LTF B) is the next generation of the popular ION series.The result:
    • high passive safety,
    • particularly precise handling
    • and maximum performance to achieve personal XC goals.