• Scout Paramotor

    The Scout Paramotor is one of the most innovative designs to enter the powered paragliding niche. While it is a truly beautiful design, the Scout packs a powerful punch with many unique features.

  • Ozone roadster 2 paramotor

    Ultralight Miniplane Paramotor


    The incredibly light Miniplane Paramotor has now been paired with the ultralight Ozone Element 2 paraglider for a super stable flight.

  • Miniplane Minari Paramotor

    Miniplane Minari Paramotor engine is our latest offering on the ABM Miniplane Frame. The power of the new engine on the Miniplane ABM frame is remarkable.


    Miniplane Minari Paramotor

    $5,750.00$6,800.00 Buy Now
  • Miniplane Minari ABM

    Miniplane-USA now has the Miniplane ABM model available with the Minari 180cc engine.

  • Miniplane Polini

    Miniplane Polini engine features advanced technical solutions. It was projected to achieve the best weight-power ratio but, at the same time, to optimize the thermal and moving parts functions.


    Miniplane Polini

    $6,200.00$6,750.00 Buy Now
  • Miniplane Polini Thor 130

    Miniplane-USA also has the availability of the PSF model equipped with the Polini Thor 130cc 2-stroke motor.

  • Miniplane ABM

    The idea of the MIniplane ABM is to enjoy the freedom of flying with a lightweight mini motor. Having a smaller engine to carry offer to consume less fuel.

  • Miniplane PSF

    Miniplane PSF is a powerful machine with a 75 kg pilot and performance glider and offers a very smooth travel experience with its Top 80 engine.

  • Parajet Zenith

    (Cage only (No engine-No prop)Customize with the engine and the color of your choice from the dropdown menu)

    Parajet create products that change the landscape of Paramotoring and the Zenith is no exception, strap yourself in and suddenly it’s clear. A Paramotor manufactured to give unrivalled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with a launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.

  • $4,340.00

    Ozone Swift 5

    $4,340.00 Buy Now
  • Paramotors Parajet Volution 3

    Parajet Volution 3

    Airframe only (No engine or prop)  — you want to customize your machine from the dropdown menu.

    The Parajet Volution 3 gives an amazing balanced feeling. Very responsive for those more dynamic pilots. Exhilarating to fly and easy to take with you wherever you go.

  • $2,895.00
  • $2,895.00
  • $900.00
  • $765.00
  • $695.00

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