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Niviuk open for you a world of Amazing Adventures

Niviuk comes from the Inuit language and means love and attention to details. A name that summarizes and defines the philosophy that helped us gain the confidence of thousands of pilots: in any flying area, in any place on the world, at any level. Niviuk paragliders goal is to remain at the forefront of design and paraglider manufacture, enabling pilots to fly higher, farther and safer.
Niviuk take care of the small details in order to create big stories.

An overcoming spirit

Ambition and rigor are part of Niviuk paragliders DNA. The company  likes to push the limits and loves to do it as a team. Niviuk is proud to hold the World Championship title and keeps on working hard to help pilots reach their goals. To compete, even with oneself, is a common project of concerted efforts to succeed; the engine to keep Niviuk innovating and developing their products.


The compromise that Niviuk keeps with each pilot encourages the company R&D engineers to look for new answers and solutions. Niviuk paragliders use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate and study wing aerodynamics and analyze its behaviors in different air mass conditions. At the factory facility, Niviuk automates part of the manufacturing process to avoid any human mistakes. In collaboration with their test pilots, the company evaluates all models in real time situations to ensure the best final result. Niviuk paragliders never stop improving.
A team of pilots working for pilots focused on designing and producing gliders.

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