• Advance Iota 2 intermediate Midweight Paraglider

    The IOTA 2 merges the performance-enhancing technologies of SIGMA 10 development with the safety requirements of the EN/LTF-B class. This new ADVANCE Performance-Intermediate stands out by its exceptional glide behavior through bumpy air, demonstrating a high degree of turbulence absorption. 59 cells and an aspect ratio of 5.6, unmistakably define the IOTA 2 as an IOTA. For the pilot this means relaxed flying with top performance – available at all times.


Advance Paragliders – A brand developed by pilots- IS ADVANCE THE RIGHT BRAND FOR YOU?

What every paragliding pilot wants is simple, the best performance out of their wings combined with a fun and safe flight, isn’t it? When looking for performance and safety, many pilots choose to go with Advance Paragliders, a leading global brand that merges technology with the passion for flying.

Advance is the only Swiss paragliding brand among the world’s best gliders’ manufacturers. From the beginning, in 1988, they set out to create high-quality wings with perfect handling. Created by the pilots, Rolf Zeltner and Robert Graham, Advance’s first wings made a huge impact in the air sports community with its innovative features and materials.

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