• $60.00
  • Supair 2B light
  • Supair dynema risers

    Supair Dyneema Risers

  • Ozone Spreader bars
  • ozone-speed-bar
  • Relax Bar

    Relax Bar

    Relax Bar is a Footrest for mounting on the main carabiner. Featuring a fall-back protection.

  • Spreader Bar NT
  • Supair Paragliding Speed Bar free spee


    Paragliding speedbar free spee.

    Super easy to adjust.

  • Lite Rigid Spreader-BarsLite Rigid Spreader-Bars 3
  • LITE FLEXIBLE spreader-bars
  • Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Supair speedbar 3 B with adjustment elasticated cords to be affixed at the bottom of the Speedbag. Not in the way. Does not impede movement.

  • 3D Speed Bag3D Speed Bag 2

    3B Speed Bag

    • Triple-stage accelerator to accept HARKEN pulleys et be retrofitted inside the Speedbag.
    • Delivered with the SKYPPER FR.
    • Adaptable to the SKYPPER and XP2 Speedbags.
  • $25.00

    Supair 2B Light SpeedBar




  • 2B Standard Speed Bar

    Standard 2B Speed Bar

    • Double stage speed-bar.
    • This universal accelerator system can be adapted to all harnesses and particularly the ESCAPE², ALTIRANDO², ALTIRANDO² RS, EVO XC², ALTIX², XP², ACCESS BACK, ACCESS AIRBAG, ACRO 3, ACRO BASE SYSTEM.
  • Long - Short Foot Rest

    Long – Short Foot Rest

    Long/ Short foot-rest for harnesses without a reserve parachute container beneath the seat. Particularly well adaptable for the ALTIRANDO² and ESCAPE².

  • Retractable Foot Rest

    Supair Retractable 20 MM Foot Rest

  • Paragliders speed bar an d ccessories.

    Gin Speed Bar

    GIN pilots have even more choice with the new rigid Gin Speed Bar.The light and strong aluminium frame provides extra feeling and comfort during flight.

  • $45.00
  • Apco speedbar

    Apco speedbar is a small, neat item (pat. pending) being released for the market – 2 Step Integrated Stirrup and is the first of its kind.

  • Pop-up speed bar

  • Classic speed bar
  • Foot Stirrup


    Foot Stirrup add the GIN footstrap to your harness: fits Gingo 2 and Gingo AirLight. The Genie 4 and Genie Race are delivered with foot stirrup included.


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