• Paragliding hardware: Connect
  • Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Supair speedbar 3 B with adjustment elasticated cords to be affixed at the bottom of the Speedbag. Not in the way. Does not impede movement.

  • 3D Speed Bag

    3B Speed Bag

    • Triple-stage accelerator to accept HARKEN pulleys et be retrofitted inside the Speedbag.
    • Delivered with the SKYPPER FR.
    • Adaptable to the SKYPPER and XP2 Speedbags.
  • $25.00

    Supair 2B Light SpeedBar




  • 2B Standard Speed Bar

    Standard 2B Speed Bar

    • Double stage speed-bar.
    • This universal accelerator system can be adapted to all harnesses and particularly the ESCAPE², ALTIRANDO², ALTIRANDO² RS, EVO XC², ALTIX², XP², ACCESS BACK, ACCESS AIRBAG, ACRO 3, ACRO BASE SYSTEM.
  • Long - Short Foot Rest

    Long – Short Foot Rest

    Long/ Short foot-rest for harnesses without a reserve parachute container beneath the seat. Particularly well adaptable for the ALTIRANDO² and ESCAPE².

  • Retractable Foot Rest

    Supair Retractable 20 MM Foot Rest

  • Sportwear: Speed Sleeves - Hooded

    Flytec Speed Sleeves – Hooded

    Flytec Speed Sleeves offers maximum UV and wind protection while also giving off a Badass Ninja look with its sleek black color.

  • Sportwear: Speed Sleeves Zip-up T Shirt

    Flytec Speed Sleeve – Zip-up Shirt


    Flytec Speed Sleeve is a 4-way stretch Nylon with plush interior finish for warmth and less grab of base layers and avaibles in various sizes.

  • Variometer Flytec 6030

    Arcylic Instrument Cover 6020, 6030, 6040

    Arcylic Instrument Cover offers clear acrylic face protection for 6020, 6030, 6040 and can be used with Hang Gliding and Paragliding brackets.

  • Variometer Flytec 6010

    Flytec Variometers Acrylic instrument Cover

    Flytec Variometers Acrylic offers Clear acrylic face protection for instruments: Variometer FLytec 6005, 6010, 6015 and has Cut-out for keypad access.

  • Paragliding Pocket

    Paragliding Pocket

    Paragliding Pocket

  • Universal Hang Gliding Bracket

    Universal Hang Gliding Bracket

    Universal Hang Gliding Bracket is held in place with stretch Velcro straps and its Tightening lever can be set to be in line with airflow when tight.

  • Paragliding airspeed sensor

    Paragliding Airspeed Sensor

    Paragliding Airspeed Sensor is for use with 3000/4000/5000/6000 series and recision impeller with sapphire bearings and hangs below pilot.

  • Flytec temperature sensor

    TT34 Wireless Envelope Temperature Sensor

    TT34 Wireless Envelope is used with Variometer Flytec 3040 and 6040 This temperature sensor is an accurate and reliable wireless envelope device.


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