• Powered Paragliding Bible 6 edition

    Jeff Goin has been flying since age 13, starting with gliders and now as a 737 Captain for a major airline. But when he discovered powered paragliding, everything changed as the sport became a burning passion. He founded the U.S. Powered Paragliding Association in 2001 

  • Airspace & Law for Ultralights

    Airspace & Law for Ultralights

    Airspace & Law for Ultralights is a combination of live action,narration and bits of humor to help ease the pain of learning a tough topic.

  • $30.00$34.95
  • DVD Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
  • Paragliding-book-understanding-the-sky-6-scaled

    Paragliding book Understanding the sky


    This paragliding book understanding the sky includes much more detail including cloud streets, heat fronts, trigger temperature, cloud types, inversions.

  • Art-Of-Paragliding-Book-Cove
  • Paragliding DVD Performance flying

    Paragliding DVD Performance Flying

    DVD Performance Flying is set to redefine what’s possible in free flight cinematography. The clearest slow-motion sequences of paragliding maneuvers.

    DVD Performance Flying: the essential XC, Acro and SIV DVD by Jocky Sanderson

  • $34.00$39.00

Books and DVDs

We offer a wide variety of books and DVDs about the techniques to fly, understanding the weather, the clouds. Most of the books and DVDs are used in the paragliding world as a support to pass all levels from beginner to advanced pilot.

We offer different programs in our school for all pilots level and you can find a lot of information in those books and DVDs to get ready for your test in particular but also to acquire a lot of general knowledge to constantly improve your skills and understanding of your sport. Our most favorite that we recommend to our students are the Paragliding Manual, and the Art of Paragliding, the Ground Handling Video, And the Airspace video which make understanding the airspace concept super easy.

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