• Gin Fast packing bag
  • Gin Backpack Lite

    Gin Backpack Lite


    The lite rucksack designed to carry all your light equipment. You can pack a lightweight or normal small wing with a light harness, rescue, and helmet.

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    Gin SF packing bag

  • $155.00
  • TREK 35

    TREK 35 is developed to meet the increasing demand for compact and super light equipment. Specially designed for example to carry the EIKO glider with an EVEREST3 harness. The ergonomics of the bag is completely new with its built-in a load control system coupled to the closure of the bag.

  • Supair ROLLING bag
  • Supair CITY BAG

    Supair City Bag contains numerous storage pockets, SUP’AIR look with a “Free-flight” racy pilot look. Contains padded bottom lining to to carry a laptop safely.

  • Supair Storage Solo

    Storage tandem is easy to handle enabling quick harness / wing packing. Compatible volume to carry onboard ski lifts, cable cars and such.

  • Supair radical 3 BACKPACK AIRBAG
  • TREK 90

    Light, ergonomic and polyvalent, the TREK 90 backpack can also be used as an everyday bag. It can accept a SpeedBag type harness similar to the DELIGHT² + a compact wing.

  • Supair TREK 55

    Lightweight, ergonomic and versatile, the TREK backpack is available in four sizes and thus covers all gear volumes from standard to Xtralite.

  • $180.00
  • Classic rucksack

    Supplied with most GIN paragliders, the GIN Classic rucksack has been completely re-shaped and re-designed to meet the needs of today’s pilots and their wings.

  • Ozone-sombrero-bag-front-LGPG
  • SW Inner Bag

    SW Inner Bag

    Inner bag – Swing accessories

  • Drink water bag 3l
  • Gin Radio Case black and red

    Gin Radio Case is Ideal to carry your radio on your chest.With the bright red color of the strap you won’t loose your radio.

  • GIN.radio-phone-case-red
  • Ozone EASY Bag
  • Ozone wash bag


    The Ozone Wash bag, ideal for a multitude of uses… holds everything from your toothbrush, to whatever tools, first equipment, electronic cables, etc.


    Ozone wash bag

    $40.00$45.00 Buy Now
  • Ozone SAUCISSE Concertina Tube bag


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