• Women’s T-shirt Sports Gym Workout Casual Wear T Shirt

    This T-Shirt is perfect for any sport. It can be use for gym, work out, jogging, as well as for paragliding, sky diving, ski, skateboards and a lot more.  It is suitable to a lot of activities, such as travel, daily use, sleeping, exercise, fitness, or even more.

  • Hook speed system

    Adjustable Hook Speed System Unit


    For speed system.

  • Swing_Parachute_Connect

    Reserve connection set

    Reserve connection set is a7mm Stainlass Steel screwgate connector oval type maillon.To connect the rescue parachute to the harness.

  • $14.99
  • $17.00
  • $17.00
  • Mallion rapid connection carabiner 6mm




  • $18.00$23.00
  • $18.00

Paragliding accessories.

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We compare all paragliding accessories and focus on the best brands available on the market.

Since we also enjoy flying with the motor we also research an try paramotor accessories. So we can help as many customers as possible.

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