Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for the Paraglider in your Life

Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for the Paraglider in your Life



Just when you think you can’t afford paragliding gift ideas, you stumble across this blog post. The holiday season is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to pick up some new paragliding equipment for the pilot in your life! However, if you’re not a paraglider yourself, it can be hard figuring out what kind of paragliding gift ideas are to get. That’s also not to mention that major paraglider gear can be expensive, and outside of your gift giving the budget.

Well, have no fear – we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of excellent paragliding gift ideas for every budget, whether you’re working with a minimal price or a credit card with no limit. More importantly, your pilot will be grateful for you taking the time to indulge in their hobby. Whether the person you’re buying for is a beginner, professional or acro pilot, male, female, young or old, if they love to fly, they’ll love these gift ideas!

The Little Things that Count in Paragliding Starting at $10



When it comes to paragliding, it’s the little things that count. Something such as a wind sockhook knife or a radio holder can be an inexpensive gift, but a truly remarkable one. So, check out the paragliding hardware section for gift ideas because this is one place where you can find some true gems at affordable prices. Another excellent idea is to combine a bunch of small paragliding accessories into a personalized gift basket.

An Excellent Paragliding Read or DVD for a Budget Between $20 and $40

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You don’t have to dish out a couple of grand just to give the pilot in your life an excellent gift this holiday season! If they’re paragliding, they love the sport, and anything that pertains to it will certainly be appreciated. Paragliding books and DVDs are excellent and affordable gift ideas. It can also provide some quality knowledge, tips, and tricks about paragliding, making them a practical and perfect gift!

A New Variometer Starting at as Little as $89

Sys One variometer

Every paraglider needs a variometer, but not every paraglider has the latest and greatest technology. So give your pilot an upgraded gliding experience with a high-tech variometer. There are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, with just as many features available. There’re some variometers that are worn like a watch, making them incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible during flight, which are perfect gifts ideas for parents of pilots who want to ensure a distraction-free, safe flight. There are also fancy variometers that have an endless selection of features, from remote sensing, temperature alarms, ergonomic design – you name it.

Give the Gift of Safety with a Paragliding Helmet Ranging Between $160-$200

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Like the prior, a pilot can’t take flight without a paragliding helmet. However, you can certainly upgrade their gliding experience and safety by gifting them with a better version of what they already have. So, find out your pilot’s favorite color, size, and style, and surprise them with the gift of safety.

A Gift Certificate is Great when you have No Idea What to Buy

If all else fails, go with a paragliding gift certificate. Maybe you still aren’t sure as to what your pilot would like, or maybe they’re saving up to purchase a new harness or paraglider. So, send them a gift certificate that fits within your budget. You’re still contributing to the sport they love while gifting something you know they’ll appreciate.

So, head on over to Paragliding Equipment before the holiday season starts and get your shopping done. You’re certain to find some paragliding gift ideas for the special pilot in your life.

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